Study in Germany

                                                                   Comprehensive Nursing Training" specialized dual system education

It is part of the bbw group, the Bavarian Centre for Economic and Vocational Education (BFZ) , one of the largest training institutions in Germany, in Bavaria there are more than 150 training centers, 3200 employees, 56 vocational schools, and about 48,000 people attend all kinds of training in BFZ every day.
BFZ has nine nursing schools in Memmingen, IMMENSTADT and WÜRZBURG. With the reform of nursing training system, BFZ nursing schools are developing the specialty of nursing in the future, making it more attractive, to improve the content quality and establish a modern, hierarchical and cooperative nursing training system.
According to the Ministry of Health of Germany, about 3.3 million people in Germany currently require care. As German Society Ages, so does the number: more than 4 million people will need care by 2030. The nursing profession is desperately short of staff. The German Foundation for patient protection predicts that there will be a shortage of about 200,000 full-time nursing staff over the next eight years.
The School of nursing in bfz has the major of "comprehensive nursing training" . After graduation, the students are qualified to take care of the nursing needs of all age groups in all nursing fields. The students can change their nursing fields at any time after completing their studies.

Non-one-off intermediary services:Student Vocational School during the entire period of management (3 years) , designated professional life teacher management.
Not the export of Labour:
Students receive the same benefits as German children: The same schools, the same subsidies, the same social security, the same employment, the same access to further education; they can apply for permanent residence in Germany after five years of continuous social security contributions.
EU ACCREDITATION CERTIFICATE:After graduation from normal study, students can obtain the EU accreditation vocational school diploma and Nursing Vocational Qualification certificate.

Competitive edge
tuition free: students attend German public vocational schools, no tuition fees, no school registration fees.
Entitlement to a subsidy:Students are entitled to 1,130-1,300 euros per month (9,000-10,400 yuan per month) for an educational internship.
Employment Protection:Students can work directly in an internship after completing their studies, with an average salary of 2,744 euros (22,000 yuan) .
For further studies:Students may apply to the FACHHOCHSCHULE for further studies after graduation. They are exempt from the requirements of the APS.
Permanent Residence: under German immigration law, Permanent Residence in Germany can be applied for after five years of continuous social security contributions in Germany.
Heavy Service: Students during the study period (2-4 years) full track service, professional teachers and parents regularly communicate feedback trainees.

Selection requirements
1, age 17-40 years
2, High School, Junior college equivalent or above;
3, love of nursing, pension industry, no criminal record;
4, German level to B1;
5, love Life, strict, punctual, self-discipline, integrity, low-key, pragmatic priority admission.

(I) non-nursing students with a high school diploma/equivalent degree and above: Three years of study with salary for the period of study after entering the Enterprise: Euro1,141/month in the first year, Euro1,202/month in the second year and Euro1,303/month in the third year, year by year. 2,744 euros per month for a full time job after graduation.

Project process
Domestic step
1: Application for project registration, submit materials Step
2: Interview (Video Interview) Step
3: Sign Service Agreement, pay fees Step
4: Start Domestic Language Training, learn related knowledge of Nursing Step
5: Domestic Language Training to B1, apply for visa, departure to Germany before the points for attention training Step
6: Departure, provide contact person and contact information, confirm the pick-up situation


Step 1: pick up the plane, arrange accommodation
Step 2: Register, Pay Insurance, basic training
Step 3: The Enterprise responsible for language enhancement to B2 level
step 4: sign the "dual system vocational education contract" with the enterprise and the school to start the dual system study
Step 5:3 years of enterprise/school study, graduation through assessment
Step 6: Entering into a work contract to work in enterprises such as German hospitals/nursing homes/sanatoriums