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  Further qualification of Chinese teachers in Germany

                                                                   Cooperation with Chinese vocational schools and colleges

About us

Dual vocational education ‘made in Germany’ is famous in the world. The high quality of German vocational training is due to the fact that the dual system links the teaching of theoretical knowledge at government run vocational schools with training of practical abilities at enterprises.

bbw (Bildungswerk der Bayerischen Wirtschaft) is a non-profit organization and the biggest provider of vocational training in Bavaria, one of Germany’s most beautiful and most developed regions in Germany and home of enterprises like Siemens, BMW, MAN and many others. Actually around 3.000 trainers and teachers are working for bbw at around 160 training facilities. Our customers are many small and middle sized highly specialized enterprises. bbw maintains several modern equipped technical training centres where our experts offer tailor made solutions for our customers.

Further qualification of Chinese teachers at bfz facilities in Germany

bbw offers further qualification of trainers and teachers of Chinese vocational schools, technical colleges and universities in areas like CNC, mechatronics, welding technology, injection moulding, tool making, industrial mechanics and vocational pedagogic. The further qualification program for Chinese trainers and teachers contents

    -  Introduction into the vocational education system in Germany: legal frame, curricula, examination and certification system

    -  Excursions to enterprises specialized in automotive or machinery and to technical schools and training academies. Introduction into hardware and software used by companies for training purpose

    -  Technical and methodical training of the participants at modern equipped training facilities of bbw in Bavaria

    -  Workshop with presentation of the further qualification results by the participants

Introduction of German training modules in China

China’s industry is booming. bbw sends German experts to China who assist its partners to introduce technical training modules in areas like CNC, mechatronics and tool making according German standards and of few weeks duration at vocational schools, technical colleges and universities in China. The modules implemented at our Chinese partner schools and colleges offer several advantages:

-       they help to improve the training participants’ skills in handling material, machines, tools and measures

-       the modules can be easily implemented during winter or summer vacation

-       they are an ideal way to prepare students of the second or third year before they leave their school and enter internship at enterprises

-       the modules are fitting for students with technical background, skilled workers and teachers

-       participants who pass the final exam can get a German certificate which is acknowledged by international companies.

Delegation to Germany

trip to Europe for training in group
Chinese Delegations to Germany


40 years after begin of its opening and development policy the PR China is today on the way of becoming the most important economy in the world. The successful transformation from plan economy to market economy has almost been completed. However, the shift from industrial production of low cost mass products to high end quality products, the ageing of society and environmental problems are challenges for China’s society which require sophisticated problem solutions in many areas.
Within the 13th Five Years Development plan China’s government will push its research and development capacities, encourage the development of new technologies and focus upon alternative energy resources and environmental protection thus guaranteeing a sustainable and harmonious further development.  Germany is one of China’s most important trade partners and as one of the world most developed industrial countries an ideal dialogue partner for Chinese government and enterprises. Since many years both countries share their experience in economic, scientific, political, educational and social field. bbw/bfz’s delegation program does its share in further deepening the strong ties between China and Germany from which both countries are benefitting.

Bavaria is one of Germany’s most developed regions in Germany and home of enterprises like Siemens, BMW, MAN and many others. Our customers are German government departments, insurance companies and small and middle sized highly specialized private enterprises. bbw/bfz runs international cooperation projects in many Asian, European, Latin American and African countries. Since 1987, bbw/bfz offers a delegation program for Chinese government and enterprises in cooperation with China’s National Development and Reform Commission and the Bavarian Ministry of Economy. In 2001 bbw/bfz and its Munich Management Academy have been officially approved by CAIEP and SAFEA (License Number 214920). More than 1000 delegations of Chinese leaders of government departments and state owned enterprises to Germany and other European countries have been realized so far.

Our refereesare all experts. The program is imbedded in an excursion program to government facilities, research centres, universities and enterprises where participants get in direct touch with specialists and make their own picture in different problem solution strategies.  An interesting cultural and sightseeing program at weekends highlights the European experience of our guests.

Our service comprises

-invitation letter and support during the visa application
-reservation of suitable accommodation

-tailor made seminar and excursion program with expert

-support through qualified Chinese translator and travel


-cultural program/ sightseeing at weekends

-official registration at CAIEP

-contact via sbvtc-office at Shanghai


For our guests and partners we offer an interesting mix of seminars, workshops and excursions to different topics like

-Vocational education

-Transformation of government departments and
state owned enterprises

- Finances, marketing and HR management strategies
in enterprises

- Production planning and transport logistics

- Waste management and recycling

- Waste water/ sewage treatment

- Renewable energy and many others