Public Training

Sbtvc provides open classes for society.
In order to further improve the skills and quality of enterprise employees in the city, strengthen the construction of enterprise skilled talents to adapt to the industrial development of the city, sbvtc respond to the requirements of vocational skills training in Shanghai and provide free centralized training services for small, medium-sized and micro enterprises.

Training program:

—Post training programs carried out in combination with the post skill requirements of the enterprise;

—Social general vocational level training projects and special vocational ability training projects within the appraisal announcement of the city in the current year;

—Technician continuing training program;

—The city's recognized high skilled talent training base and the implementation unit of high skilled talent training evaluation in enterprises can implement grade training projects and special vocational ability training projects of skill general occupations, enterprise specific occupations and industry-specific occupations combined with the specific needs of enterprises.

Service object:

The following small, medium-sized and micro enterprises with staff skill training needs can enjoy training services:

—Enterprises that paid local education surcharges in the previous year but did not enjoy the enterprise staff training subsidies specified in hr-szz [2012] No. 603 document.

—Enterprises that paid local education surcharges in the previous year and have enjoyed employee training subsidies in accordance with the provisions of Hu Ren she Zhi [2012] No. 603 document, but lack training conditions in some training projects.

—Enterprises exempted from value-added tax, consumption tax and business tax in the previous year with the approval of relevant departments in accordance with relevant regulations.

Existing courses: safety production, office software application, machining, customer service.


Induction training for new employees

Combined with the enterprise induction training, in the form of training salon and exchange meeting in the adaptation week, on the one hand, the HR department deepens the understanding of new employees, on the other hand, it promotes the transformation of students' thinking of new employees (especially fresh graduates) to workplace thinking, so as to lay a good foundation for future work.