Youth Employment

Practice Enterprise Circle

Established in Germany, the practice company has more than 7500 business simulation companies operating simultaneously in more than 40 countries. These companies conduct business and trade with each other on the simulation company platform, which has real banks, taxation, pension and medical insurance institutions, post offices, exhibitions and trade companies and logistics companies in various industries.

The project simulates the real working environment, so that the students without actual combat experience can really understand the operation mode of a company, choose their favorite positions, learn the applied knowledge of positions, and gain the vocational skills they need through systematic training.

The project of Business simulation Company has won the second prize of National Excellent Teaching Achievement Award and the special prize of Shanghai Excellent Teaching Achievement Award. It operates in 12 middle and high schools in Shanghai and provides international advanced employment guidance service for more than 2500 students.

Employment Training Factory

Unemployment rate has always been one of the important issues of social development and stability. In the economic aspect, unemployment means a waste of human resources, which can not effectively promote the development of personal wealth and social welfare. For individuals, unemployment is often accompanied by psychological problems, such as depression, depression, loneliness and antisocial behavior. Twenty years ago, the Bavarian group of economic and educational institutions (bbw) developed the employment training factory project as an efficient tool to combat the negative social and psychological impact of unemployment. The employment training factory project focuses on the cultivation, promotion and strengthening of young people's soft skills in the workplace. With the business philosophy of self-help, mutual assistance and other assistance, we help factory students learn the professional abilities required by workers through immersive work. Understand, improve and perfect yourself in the training, so as to obtain the knowledge, skills and mentality required in the real working environment, and realize "self-management employment, self-training and self-help to promote employment".

Since 2012, Shanghai Bavaria vocational training Consulting Co., Ltd. (sbvtc), invested and established by BBW, has cooperated with many vocational schools, colleges and technical secondary schools and employment promotion centers in many districts and counties in Shanghai to carry out the employment training factory project, which has solved the employment problem of a large number of long-term unemployed youth for the government.
Project object:Young people aged 16 to 35 with employment needs.

Dual Vocational Guidance

Dual Vocational Guidance refers to occupation guidance and psychological counseling. Since 2015, entrusted by Yangpu District Bureau of human resources and social security, we have set up an excellent team of consultants to provide professional and personalized employment assistance for community unemployed youth in terms of employment concept, psychological counseling, family support, etc., to help remove the psychological barriers restricting successful employment, correct their professional attitude and improve their self-awareness, enhance professional competitiveness and adaptability.

Tutor Volunteers of Career Guidance

In order to promote the higher quality employment of young people, we was entrusted by Yangpu District Bureau of human resources and social security in 2016 to establish a volunteer team of professional and socialized instructors (including psychological experts, enterprise managers, HR managers, young entrepreneurs, etc.). We use the advantages and resources of our volunteers to carry out various forms of activities (such as consultation, lectures, salons, enterprise visits, etc.) for those young people from universities and residential district, so as to make them become mentors and friends for young people, and help more young people achieve happy employment!

Youth Career Navigation

At present, the pressure of employment competition is increasing and the employment situation is unpredictable. However, many young people are not fully prepared for employment. For young people, employment pressure is great, but society and the market still provide many very good employment opportunities.

Youth Career navigation allows young people to participate in a series of special training, skill training, film observation, visit and interview, post recommendation and other activities such as employment situation and policy, psychological preparation, self exploration and self-development. It aims to improve the employability of young people in the short term, extend career tension, activate career planning and achieve career dreams.

Course object:Young job seekers under 35